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High Quality Window Performance at a Low Cost

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The DH530 window greatly increases comfort in your home keeping it warmer in the winter, and the window keeps it cooler in the summer. This window provides reduced condensation around the Window and Window Panes. The Windows Top Performance Glass Protects your interior from sun damage and the fading of furnishings. The DH530 Series allows you to save money without Sacrifice by providing the comfort of high performance Windows at a low cost, all while saving money on your heating and cooling bills. This particular Window series is Available in all operator types and framing materials.

Click on the Link Below to View a pdf of how Materials Direct USA can save you money on quality Windows.

Window Accessories

Recessed-Sightline TIlt Latches

  • Provides easy access to tilting feature
  • Provides an unobstructed view Sentry Night Latches
  • For Safe Ventilation Extruded Integral Vinyl Interlock
  • Draws sashes tight to form weather barrier
  • Double Woolpile Seal at Meeting Rail Provides a thermal blanket around sashes
  • Locking Zinc Tilt Pins Squares jamb during installation
  • Holds sash securely in place during cleaning
  • Low Profile Stealth Overlap Lock features hidden keeper for a sleek appearance and for security and peace of mind.

Thermal Weight Management System with Draft Sentry

  • Draft Sentry Balance Plug prevents air from running up the balance, through the window frame and into your home!
  • Identical cord window material used in mountain climbing-125lb weight rating
  • Works on direct vertical force, causing less friction than a Spiral Balance
  • Assures a lifetime of easy window sash operation
  • Coil Steel Spring is made of the highest quality music wire for strength and durability
  • 40% Less Operating Force Than the Spiral Balance System
  • Self Contained Balance Shoe (Safety Feature) A window Industry EXCLUSIVE
  • Designed with a window bride that holds the sash in place when tilting in for cleaning
  • Other window systems use an open show, which enables sashes to pop out of the frame.

Beveled, Weep System-Enhanced Screen Track

  • Unlike the Cut and Notch Window design, which collects water drainage and creates a dam effect
  • Stiffens window frame and Enables easy screen removal
  • Improves aesthetics Beaded (Flat) Jamb
  • Equal window sashes, top and bottom
  • More visible glass all around the window
  • Equal, aesthetically pleasing sight lines
  • Streamlined, technologically modern design frame
  • Easy tilt-in of back sash
  • Jamb to Jamb interlock creating a complete seal that prevents air infiltration
  • Pocketed top sash for added home security


Fully Fusion Welded Frame and Sashes

  • Strength and Energy Efficiency
  • Not mechanically joined or chemically welded corners like wood, aluminum, or inferior vinyl windows
  • Fully-Welded and Weeped, Sloped Weather-Trac Sill
  • Internal water management system is 2 1/2 times more resistant to water penetration than Cut and Notch window design
  • Parallel I-beam Construction Provides strength and durability
  • Beaded Cove Cut Glazing
  • Aesthetically pleasing picture frame design
  • Double Wall “Easy-Grip” Vinyl Lift Rails
  • Full width rails assure easy sash operation
  • Dual Finseal Woolpile and Q-Lon Weather Stripping
  • Virtually eliminates air and water infiltration

Solid Virgin Vinyl Construction

  • Provides structural integrity and colorfastness to ensure a lasting quality window appearance
  • Maintenance Free and Maintains original shape. This Window will not peel, pit, corrode, swell or rot
  • Keeps its clean appearance
  • No more painting or priming
  • Fiberglass Half Screen

“Peak Performance” Glass

On Lite of Soft Coat LoE^2 Glass

  • During winter months, the window glass helps to keep rooms warmer by reflecting heat back into the home while letting warm, solar rays enter
  • In the summer, the LoE^2 glass blocks infrared and ultraviolet radiant solar energy, keeping your rooms cooler.
  • Argon, a NON-TOXIC, clear and odorless gas denser than air prevents the formation of convection currents, and the overall transfer of heat between the inside and outside of your home.
  • Intercept Warm-Edge Spacer System, a Unique U-channel spacer design that helps reduce heat loss near the edge of the insulating glass unity by reducing conduction.


Greatly improves the appearance and value of your home while Eliminating time-Consuming maintenance chores. The DH530 Window provides an overall more comfortable home.


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