Military Discounts on Home Improvement

Our president Michael F Doss believes its extremely important to support your local community and those that have helped preserve our safety and peace. Call us today to hear about our extra discounts for active and retired military members.


— Energy Wasters

Air Infiltration -Happens when cold air or heat passes through small gaps or crevices in your windows. -1/16 of an inch gap around the sashes and main frame of a standard size window will allow as much air to enter your home as missing a brick in your wall! Conduction -The transmission of heat through matter -You lose valuable energy dollars because heat moves to the coldest area.Image

— Energy Star Windows, Doors and Skylights: The Right Choice

Fully Fusion-Welded Vinyl Replacement Windows: Manufactured with the best materials. Elasticisors added to give the right amount of flexibility during seasonal temperature changes. It will not Distort or Warp. Colorfast.. wont fade. Non-Porous… easy to keep clean. Easy to Operate: Sashes lift with ease. Tilt-in sash design for easy cleaning. Natural Insulators: Make your home more energy efficient. Keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Custom-Sized to Fit Quick installation- a perfect fit. A good Investment: Add to the value of your home.Image