Stormy Weather

Tis the Season


If you roof is leaking or on the verge of leaking! Don’t wait for the storm to come! Waiting to fix an already leaky roof will cause rotting wood and interior damage to foundation and furnishings.


Also now is the time to REPLACE YOUR SIDING! Outdoor events are just around the corner. Show off your brand new mastic or royal siding exterior at your next party. Check out our website to see what a new exterior can do for your home. Call us today or fill out the contract form on our website to receive a free measurement and quote.

Home Improvement Materials Price Increase

The price of building materials are increasing, this fluctuation typically depends upon demands and changes seasonally. Although, certain material pricing has not fluctuated back down. Things such as shingles, siding, and other exterior home improvement materials have seen a dramatic increase over the years. This is why finding the right company and contractors to improve your home is essential. In this rough economic weather, saving a few dollars can go along way. Finding companies with Factory Direct Pricing, is essential to weathering through the economic storm.

Being able to save our customers money on labor and materials is what we do best!

Send us another companies quote and we will do our best to beat it.

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Military Discounts on Home Improvement

Our president Michael F Doss believes its extremely important to support your local community and those that have helped preserve our safety and peace. Call us today to hear about our extra discounts for active and retired military members.

Quad Cities Home Improvement

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